3 Strategies to Generate Excitement Over Email


Let’s talk about generating excitement over email.  It’s a great way to make fans out of customers and improve user engagement with your content.  In this article, we’re going to outline 3 effective ways that you can use to build excitement through email.  

First, let’s delve little into the psychology of excitement.

Excitement is a condition of physiological arousal, which means that the sympathetic nervous system increases activity, the heart rate increases, and the brain begins to signal the increased production of hormones.  When a person is excited, their emotions become more powerful and they are more likely to act.  

With that as background, let’s talk about some strategies you can use to generate more excitement in your email content and marketing campaigns.

1.  Make a special group or club only for your email subscribers. People like “to belong” by nature, particularly when its exclusive.  Play into this instinct by creating a special group of email readers, and let them know they’ll be receiving certain communications made only for them. For example, you could develop a frequent customer rewards program with special discounts.  Just make sure that this program is created exclusively for email and thus differentiated from any other types of rewards programs already in place.

2.  Give your readers “sneak peaks” or early access to your latest products.  People like to be first.  According to Mark McDonald, products themselves can also generate their own kind of excitement when they are “limited edition” or seasonal products.  The experience also drives brand loyalty.


We really like this example from Mack Weldon. It feel personal and the sneak peak opportunity builds excitement. 

3.  Offer free stuff.  This probably comes as no surprise, but people love getting stuff for free.  

Check out this offer for a free gift just for booking an appointment.


What’s even more compelling, however, is offering something for free with no strings attached. For example, Starbucks gives free drinks to email recipients over the holidays. While it’s something small, it’s all the more meaningful because it comes without any conditions.  

One last tip: don’t ask for too much.  If you’re developing emails with the intention of exciting an audience, it’s probably a good idea not to include your regular marketing materials/calls-to-action below.  It undermines your intention (which is to to build excitement), and your offer might appear less credible.  As with most things, less is more here.


If you want to generate excitement among your readership, you have to do more than send the same old marketing materials and calls to action.  You have to engage people emotionally. By creating exclusivity, offering early access and giving away free stuff your emails will be sure to spark engagement and build customer loyalty.