Clevos is taking the personalized, curated experience of shopping on the internet to the next level.

You know your product and you know your customers. But there is a whole other way to understand customer behavior by geeking out on way too much data. Technology allows us to seamlessly capture this information and change the behavior of your marketing instantly, but only because we know how to harness its power.



We are the bridge between big data analysis and technical implementation, and business owners like you who sell products to people. You’re not tech geeks and engineers, we are, and you’ll get a hell of a lot farther faster with our team on your side.


It’s like having the math team take the final exam for you.


Sure you can study and try to learn it yourself, but don’t you have better things to do? We, on the other hand, love digging into the numbers, obsessively tweaking the backend so we can report back sales increases week after week.



We are PhDs, marketers, engineers, lawyers, technologists, data scientists & designers with past experiences at leading technology startups, big data software companies and Fortune 500 companies.

We come from different backgrounds, but our spirit is all-New York. New York is the epicenter of innovation and fashion and we harness that spirit to keep challenging the status quo of marketing, technology and design.

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