How We Work

Pick up sales by re-engaging customers across the entire funnel on multiple platforms

Launch in days, instead of months, with hassle-free integrations.


Step 1:

The Skinny

Sit down with the Clevos Squad so we can get up to speed on your goals and plans for market domination. We’ll map out the big picture strategy, sketch the templates that will show off your brand, and implement your brand’s special flavor in the process. *Leave with a clear list of branded content needed to move forward.*

Step 2:

You design, we implement

Once you’ve delivered the brand pieces, our squad gets to work. We could explain the highly technical mumbo jumbo of what we do, but then we’d have to kill you.


Step 3:

Getting to Know Customers

Watch your customers swoon as we woo them with the very products we know they love because we’ve been following them like a creepy guy at prom. Kidding! But seriously, we get to know them, and tweak as we go to find the perfect set of mouth-watering triggers for each individual customer’s tastes and preferences.

Step 4:

We show you the money!

We touch base with you in weekly meetings and quarterly project success reviews to show you exactly how well your campaigns are performing, measuring your success along the way. Clevos is your true partner to optimize your program.